Shri Shivaji Arts & Commerce College, Amravati

Shivaji Nagar, Amravati-444603
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Amravati
Reaccredited by "A" Grade with CGPA 3.15 by NAAC Bangalore

Major Research Project (2017-2022)

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Project Cost Duration Date of Sanction Name of Funding Agency Pdf
01 Dr. B.S. Zare 1.ICT based selling decision support on agriculture commodities for farmer in vidarbha region of Maharashtra 525000 2017-18 10/01/2018 ICSSR View
02 Dr. S. K. Katait Green marketing in India and its impact on consumer behaviour A case study of consumer durable 709600 2015-2018 19-11/2015 UGC View
03 Dr. N. V. Changole Contribution of Varhad in Civil Disobedience Movement a Historical Study. 1,40,000 24 Months 20/02/2015 UGC View

Past Completed Research Project

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Project Minor/Major Cost Duration Date of Sanction Name of Funding Agency
01 Dr. R. M. Bhise An Analytical study of Down Trodden Farmer in Akola District Minor 75,000/- 2009-10 2009-10 WRO UGC
02 Dr. B. S. Zare Implementation & Impact of Marknet Project in Chikhli Region Minor Rs. 35000/- 01.08.2005
15.01.2005 UGC
03 Dr. B. S. Zare Usefulness of Agricultural Marketing Web Portals for Buldana District of Maharashtra Major 735000 01.02.2010
15.01.2010 UGC
04 Dr. S. K. Katait Study of personnel relations in cooperative banks in Amravati district Minor 60,000/- 2008 - UGC
05 Dr. Archana Devidasrao Bobade English Language at UG Levels: Problems and Remedies Minor 54,000/- 13 th March 2010
8 th July 2014
13/03/2010 UGC, WRO, Pune.
06 Dr. S. B. Sabane Empowerment of Trouble Women in Melghat through Training for Development Cottage Industrial Minor 1,15,000/- 2009 2009 UGC
07 Dr. Varsha N. Chikhale Dali Jatisanskrutiche Marathi Swakathanatil Pratibimb Minor 20,000/- 2006-08 2006 WRO UGC
08 Dr. Suvarna R. Gadge ‘Dhangari Bolicha Bhashavaigyanik Abhyas’ Minor 66,500 2006-08 2006 WRO UGC
09 Dr. Rajesh D. Mirge Warhadi Kadambaritil Shetijiwan Wa Gramin Wastav Minor 35,000/- 2010-12 2009 UGC WRO
10 Dr. J. V. Gaikwad Asanghatit Kshetratil Shramikanche Adhyan Minor 85000 2012-14 Dt.25 Jan. 2012 WRO UGC
11 Dr. Sangita S. Bhuyar The National Vision of Dr. AabasahebKhedkar Minor - - - -
12 Dr. Kumar J. Bobade Socio-Economic Study and Critical Analysis of the causes and factors Leading to the Suicide of Farmers in Amravati District. - - - - -
13 Dr. Mahendra V. Mete Maping of Research in Economics Agragrian Distress and Farmers Suicide in Maharashtra.

Research Proposal Submited (2022-23) View